Build sustainable funding for ministry and missions

But too often, churches are unaware of the huge Kingdom impact opportunity through Legacy Giving.

Offering Legacy Giving to your members means More Options for More Resources for More Kingdom Work.

We believe every church should have the tools and resources to offer Christian Estate Planning to its members.

Having a Legacy Ministry is an important part of a thriving church.

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And that’s where we can help.

We offer a turnkey solution to launch a sustainable Legacy Ministry in your church, fueling ministry (inside and outside of your church) for years to come.

We call it Legacy Launch.

This is a framework to help provide your church family with Christian Estate Planning, allowing them to maximize their Kingdom impact and know that their family is taken care of.

How It Works

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Experience Legacy Planning for yourself.

See the value for your own family and have peace of mind offering this service to your people.


Schedule a meeting

Meet with someone from our team to discover how to create a thriving Legacy Ministry in your church.

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Fuel ministry for decades to come.

Together, we will help your members maximize their Kingdom impact through their estate plan.

What does this process look like for your members?

Simple. Click below to find out.