Helping Alabama Baptist churches thrive financially

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Legacy Ministry

Legacy Ministry

We offer a turnkey solution to launch a sustainable Legacy Ministry in your church, fueling ministry (inside and outside of your church) for years to come.

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The Baptist Foundation of Alabama invests your church’s resources in a Biblically responsible way. These companies align with Biblical principles and are actively advancing the Gospel


Online Giving


From estate planning to charitable trust funds and beyond, The Baptist Foundation of Alabama gives you access to a range of options to be a generous Kingdom giver. 

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Vision Campaigns

Vision Campaigns

We build and run your Vision Campaign to fund goals for the long-term. As a result, your church has more resources for ministry and mission opportunities for years to come.

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Church Loans

Church Loans​

Whether you’re ready to purchase, build or renovate, if you can dream it, we can finance it. Our rates are highly competitive, and unlike traditional lenders, the interest from your loan is reinvested in Kingdom causes.

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Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

Turn your estate plan into a tool for ministry. We help Alabama Baptists create estate plans that ensure you continue supporting ministries long after you’ve stepped into heaven.

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The Baptist Foundation of Alabama manages 100+ scholarship funds for students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. Students who meet the criteria for the funds are eligible for scholarship awards.

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Generous Giving

Generous Giving

Many Alabama Baptists don’t realize how many unique ways exist to accomplish this. From estate planning to charitable trust funds and beyond, The Baptist Foundation of Alabama gives you access to a range of options.

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As Christians, we all want to be part of a healthy church making a bigger Kingdom impact.

But too often, churches can feel limited, like they can’t do all the ministry the Lord is calling them to do. Even the healthiest churches are always looking for more ways to multiply their Kingdom impact. We think churches should have more resources to do more Kingdom work.

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That’s where we come in.

The Baptist Foundation of Alabama helps churches thrive financially. Through investments, legacy planning, and more, we help Alabama Baptists unlock more financial resources to do more ministry across the state and around the world. 

Legacy Giving

Too many churches are unaware of the huge Kingdom impact opportunity through Legacy Giving. We equip Alabama Baptist churches with the tools and resources to offer Christian Estate Planning to their members, multiplying their Kingdom impact.


Many churches are earning virtually nothing on their cash reserves. Even worse, they may be investing in things that contradict their faith. Our investment funds create a return in a faith-aligned way, so your church will thrive for decades to come.