Why We Do
What We Do

Beyond mission and vision, there is the issue of motivation. Of why. Of why we do what we do. As you have looked through this site, you may have noticed repeating themes. Themes like Kingdom impact, doing more ministry, and reaching more people. These are themes that may resonate with you and excite you or that you may find puzzling. To help you truly understand those themes, and to truly know why we at The Baptist Foundation of Alabama do what we do, we’d like to explain what motivates us. 

A New Life

Underlying everything we do at The Baptist Foundation of Alabama is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the new life we have found in Him. The word “gospel” means “good news.” It’s good news because it addresses the problem that plagues every single person on earth. That problem is that God is perfect and just, and we are not. And, at the end of our lives, each of us will stand before the God who created us and be judged.

Because God is holy and perfect, His standard for us is perfection. Because He is just, He must punish imperfection. Obviously, this standard of perfection is impossible for us to meet, and that is bad news for us! But that’s where the good news comes in. 

Because God is gracious and compassionate, rich in mercy and abounding in love, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to do what we could not do. Jesus lived the perfect life that God requires. But He didn’t stop there, because Jesus also took the punishment we all deserve by dying on the cross. Jesus offered Himself as a perfect sacrifice to satisfy both the righteousness and justice of God. Because of what Jesus did, God offers the gift of salvation to us.

The Bible is clear that you do not gain a right relationship with God by doing good things. As we’ve seen, the standard is perfection! Instead, you have a right relationship with God by turning away from your sin and trusting in Jesus alone to save you. When you put your trust in Jesus, your sins are forgiven and you are adopted into God’s family. Jesus’ perfect life is exchanged for your imperfect life, and His death is accepted for your punishment. Your life, and your eternity, will be forever changed. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can have this new life,  please contact us. We would love to share and celebrate with you!

A Life of Stewardship

As followers of Jesus Christ, we at The Baptist Foundation of Alabama have several core beliefs that are foundational to what we do. We read in the early pages of the Bible that God created everything. We also read that God, as Creator, owns everything and has provided us resources to manage while we are on this earth. These beliefs underlie the principle of stewardship that guides us in our lives – that we are stewards, or managers, not owners, of all that we have. 

As stewards of God’s resources, we further believe that we will one day be held to account for how we stewarded these resources. Jesus told a parable, commonly referred to as the Parable of the Talents, that describes this. In that Parable, Jesus told of a master who left on a trip and gave significant amounts of money to three of his servants to manage in his absence. When the master returned, he asked the servants to account for how they managed his money. Two of the servants invested and received a good return on the money entrusted to them. The master rewarded them for their good stewardship. The third servant only buried his money and returned to the master the same amount he was given. The master rebuked him as wicked and lazy. Similarly, God has entrusted each of us with tremendous resources, and we will one day have to give account to God for how we used those resources. How will we have used the time, talents, and treasures given to us? Will we be found faithful?

The Baptist Foundation of Alabama exists to help believers steward their resources to advance God’s Kingdom. This site contains information and aids to guide you, but we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your specific situation. So please, contact us today.